Monday, December 08, 2008

LEGOLAND was a blast!

Well, it all came down to luck this weekend, unfortunately it wasn't the good kind of luck. All missions have something that can go wrong with them, and we seemed to be having that more than we would have liked. I believe our final ranking was 12 out of 56 which is nothing to be ashamed of and we had very high marks on our project. You all did an amazing job on Saturday and I am very proud of you all.

I spoke with Lynn Crockett from LEGOLAND yesterday and she said she heard our name a lot the day before so you all made an impression, that's very good.

I will upload my pictures soon, if anyone else took pictures or video please let me have it so we can share.

I owe a big thank you to those that helped so much. Mickey, you were an awesome coach and a much appreciated companion, thanks. Theresa, you taught the team so much about sea level rise they are all experts now. Dianna, your help on the project was amazing, and thanks for letting us take over the garage and the house. John, Gayle and Dawn, thank you so much for your financial support, it means a lot. To all the parents who shuttled our team to meetings, got them to do their homework, pushed them to help out and schlepped them down to LEGOLAND, thanks.

Unless we attend the LEGOLAND invitational in Jan or Feb our work is now finished. Good job team, see you next season!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Team Bricks for Brains.

Sorry to hear that luck was not with your team during the robot performance. In FLL both hard work and luck is needed and I am sure you did all you could and you should be proud of your achievements. It also sounds like you made your team name known during the tournament in Legoland and for this you should also remember to be proud of.
I can also tell you that it has been very interresting for our team here in Denmark to work with your team. Our team is now also sitting home with no FLL practise to go to. The FLL season is very exiting but way too short. We still have a little hope that we could be awarded a wild card for one of the international tournaments, but we do not want to get our hopes to high up. If a wildcard does not work out for us we will have to arrange some small weekend tournaments our self, like NXT SUMO where anyone, parent or students can participate. We made one of those tournaments last winter. It was a lot of fun. Maybe you could consider to do the same.
Ones again thank you very much for your help and support on our FLL project this year.

Best FLL regards
Ejner / coach