Sunday, February 11, 2007

Post season wrap up
Well, with our little party to close this season of FLL I am prepared to call this season over. We had a great little BBQ get-together at the Erland house (thanks for hosting Mimi and Eric!) the kids all got custom embroidered Bricks for Brains jackets and some little LEGO sets.

I want to say thanks to everyone for an excellent season. Eric, you were a great help and assistant coach. Alan, you were an excelent mentor. Dianna, thanks for letting us take over the garage. Austin, you helped write an fantastic project and always kept your team smiling. Dane, you have the mad building skills. Morgan, you were a great help to your team and an excellent operator. Jaime, your project idea was top notch and you were great programmer. Rawley, you have the right stuff, I'm pleased to name you MVP.

Special thanks to our sponsors Larry Perry and Double Density Software, John Lizarraga and Aceco, Hisel Brown, and Mike Fischer. Thank you all for helping our team out.

We'll see you at the next FLL challenge, Power Puzzle!