Sunday, October 12, 2008

Good meeting last night team. We made some good progress programming and it was great to see everyone working hard. I've uploaded some pictures of the team working, here's a link to them

I also wanted to share this picture of our team with our friends in Denmark, team NXT Generation. Visit the link above to see our team working and learn our names.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Team Bricks for Brains

Nice to put faces to your names. I am glad to hear that you are making good progress. Our team is also making good progress, but we also only have until November 8th. That is the date our local tournament will take place.
So far our team has completed most of the robot attachments and is now spending a lot of time on adjusting and programming the robot.
Everyone is off from school this week here in Denmark so we hope to really get a lot done (did that make you all jalous). Anyway hope to hear from you soon again.

Keep up the good work

Best Regards
Ejner /coach