Thursday, October 09, 2008

Uh Oh!
I just found out this morning that in order to compete at LEGOLAND this year we need to compete at a qualifying tournament. The closest QT I can find is in Camarillo on Sunday November 16th from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Since it's so early we have to decide if we're going down Saturday night and staying the night or getting up VERY early on Sunday morning to be there on time (it's about 2 hours south). The deadline for registering is Oct 19 so we have to decide what we are doing very soon. Capacity for the QT is 24-32 teams and about half will move on to Championship tournaments. We'll have to register for LEGOLAND and this QT at the same time. If we do well at the QT then maybe we will get accepted at LEGOLAND. I have sent mail to the organizer to see if there are any slots still available.

There is also a QT at Six Flags Magic Mountain the same day, but the costs will be much higher. this is the website We'll have to discuss this.

This means we have about 6 weeks to prepare for our first tournament! We need to get our project in order, we need to start programming, we need to figure out our mission order, we need to build attachments, we need to do a LOT of stuff.

Last night's meeting was a bit of a wash. You all need to get way more motivated if we're ever going to be close to ready. All I can do is guide you, I can't make you want to learn or succeed.

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