Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Care package! We got or care package from our friends in Denmark Team NXT Generation. The whole team (and the coaches) had a fun time going through all the stuff and snacking on gummy everything. Thanks for sharing your culture with us!

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Anonymous said...


We recieved our care package as well and like your team we had a lot of fun unpacking. See also www.nxtgeneration.dk under news. There was a lot of stuff in there which we are not use to here in Denmark. Ones again thanks a lot for sharing apackage with us.

We are now only 3 days away from the Scandinavian FLL finale and our team has managed to get under the magic 2½ minute. Max score has been 385 and with a little luck we might get to the 400 points

You will be able to follow the finale live via this link www.hjernekraft.org

Best FLL regards
Team NXT Generation