Monday, October 16, 2006

We're back! We had a great vacation and now we're back and ready to get back to work on Nano Quest. Had a good extended meeting yesterday. We met at lunch time and after having some pizza we got to work on the unstainable fabric challenge. Austin and Jamie were the only team members present for the first few hours and with a lot of trial and error came up with an excellent solution we nicknamed "The Space Invader". Add that to "The Scorpion" and "The Bucky Ball Bone Bumper" and we're well on our way to being finished with our building phase. We also worked on the robot a bit, modifying it and adding a universal mount to the front. We're also excited that we may have a new member for the team. Rawley will be hopefully be joining us on Wednesday to meet the team and see the challenge. If all goes well, we'll have another member :-)

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